This Weekend at the River

Love Revealed

This Sunday, we begin four weeks of ADVENT leading up to the Christmas celebration.

When I arrived for Friday Morning Prayer, I was surprised by how many vehicles were here. Hopeful for a larger crowd of Prayer Warriors, I was quickly greeted with the realization that Sears was opening early and people were sitting in the dark parking lot waiting to get their deal. As we prayed together and then as I continued to work from my office, it is clear that many people have taken this day to begin their shopping experience.  The stream of customers coming to shop has been steady, and I am reminded that 'tis the season to go shopping.

With Thanksgiving behind us, we all begin to focus on our plans for a great "Christmas Season". That always proves to be a struggle, doesn't it? Placing our focus on JESUS while maintaining the crush of activity that tends to surround December. Rehearsals, special programs, parties, get-togethers ... none of them are necessarily bad things. It just seems the accumulation of them can tend to take over instead of the wonder and awe of Emmanuel, God With Us. 

Our theme for this ADVENT season will be "Love Revealed". Thank you again to William Zodhiates for the beautiful representation in graphic design! Over the next four weeks, we'll see love revealed through the eyes of Mary. Zechariah, the Shepherds, and Simeon and Anna. I hope you'll be inspired and blessed to realize how great the Father's love is for you, for us. I hope you'll bring a friend to celebrate God's love with us. I hope you will be reminded of just how much it means to us that JESUS would come, God in the flesh, Emmanuel! 

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel!