Love is not Easily Angered

Anger. Easy to discuss, preach about, hear about; Not easy to control.

This past Sunday, we dug into the keys to controlling anger. Anger is probably one of the biggest killers of relationships and love. Anger that comes up when we least expect it. Anger that is expressed sinfully instead of dealt with in a right manner. All of us are dealing with anger in some way in our lives. 

Anger, in and of itself, is NOT a sin! God get's angry. God gave us anger. Anger is an emotion that comes with the territory of being a human, made in the image of God. 

How is it going with you? Is anger controlling you? Or, are you winning the battle over anger? No matter how you feel about it, YOU CAN overcome sinful anger in your life. With God's help, all of us can become "lovers" who are "not easily angered".

If you missed the sermon, Sunday, you can click below to listen online, or to download audio and notes. 

40 Days of Love: Let's Do This!