Praying for Paul

This morning as I waited for my cup of coffee, the gentleman seated at a table near me struck up a conversation with me. He told me about his monthly trips to Harrisonburg to get shots in his eye. He told me all about his daughter bringing him to Harrisonburg and how he was grateful for her care. We chatted about the weather and made other small talk. 

My coffee came.

As I heard my name called and wondered how best to bless this man sitting next to me, I felt the Holy Spirit say, "pray for him". So, I told him I believed in prayer and asked if he did. He affirmed that it was the "only way". I asked if I could pray for him right there.

His reply, "Sure". 

I prayed a prayer of healing, strength and blessing over him. I prayed for his family and for his regular trips to the doctor, and I asked God to show Paul how much he was loved. It was not a long prayer. Simple, to the point and focused on God's love, healing and grace. 

When I finished, Paul unfolded his hands (which he had folded for prayer as I began to pray) and reached his hand out to me. With a warm smile and handshake, Paul said, "Thank you very much."

We said our goodbyes, I picked up my coffee and went on my way. 

The young woman who had prepared my cup of coffee had apparently noticed our prayer, and just stared at me as if to say, "What did you just do"? I smiled at her and went on my way. 

I marveled that God had given me an opportunity to share HIS love with another human being. I rejoiced that God is always present and will give us opportunities to minister if we will just slow down and look/listen for them. I thanked God for the opportunity to pray for Paul and I asked him to give me many more opportunities like it.

And then I prayed for YOU!

I prayed that YOU would be stirred to see the opportunities to love that are right in front of you. A family member who is down and needs an encouraging hug. A fellow shopper who seems to be having a bad day. A checkout clerk who needs to hear something kind and encouraging. A neighbor who is struggling with finances, sickness, or anything else. The opportunities are endless.

I prayed that all of us would move out of our own private worlds, and would engage in the needs all around us. I prayed that God will be noticed as we bring him more and more into our conversations and prayers with others. 

I prayed that we will LOVE well because we have been loved well. 

You have a story too!

I know that many of you have been experiencing new things during our 40 Days of Love. Send us a note. We'd love to hear your story.

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