This Weekend at the River: 40 Days of Love Introduction

It's All About Love

What is your primary aim in life? Where do you spend most of your time and energy? Where should these be pointed? The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 14:1 to "Let Love be your greatest aim."

 A "Whole-Church" experience from October 18 through November 22

A "Whole-Church" experience from October 18 through November 22

This Sunday, I will be introducing the theme of 40 Days of Love. Each of us has an opportunity to learn to love more and better. We try harder and we hope to do better, but many times we continue to fail at this all-important reality of loving relationships. 

Throughout the following 6-7 weeks, you are invited to participate by hearing the Word on Sunday mornings, participating with a small group, memorizing scripture, practicing love and reading "The Relationship Principles of Jesus". 

No one has to do all of the above, but everyone is challenged to consider it. You, your family, your relationships and the church will surely be changed as we discover God's plan for genuine loving relationships. I hope you're getting ready for the transformation that is coming. It's going to be a great Fall!

Blessings, Pastor Kevin

An Introduction to 40 Days of Love

Don't Stop Praying!

Please remember Webb and Carol Hypes in prayer as Webb's father continues hospice care and Carol continues to serve as the primary care-giver.

Please begin today to ask God to allow us to be refreshed in HIS river of love and grace on Sunday. Pray for the Worship team as they prepare to lead us, and pray for Pastor Kevin as he prepares the message.

Don't forget 10:00 Prayer!

Please come and join in pre-service prayer every Sunday at 10:00. We meet in the "Living Room" behind the worship platform. We hope to see you this Sunday.

Every Friday Prayer: 6:30 AM

Everyone is welcome to join us each Friday morning 6:30 - 8:00 for prayer. We'd love to see you any Friday morning. We meet in the church near the back of the auditorium.

Two Great Opportunities!

 Passion: Even So Come Tour - at JMU, Nov. 4

Passion: Even So Come Tour - at JMU, Nov. 4