Loving the Jesus Way - Homework

Learning how to LOVE!


This is the way to share the good news and serve your neighbors... NOT!!

On Sunday

we looked at the ways in which Jesus loved us and we challenged ourselves to love like He loves. (Click the image to listen online or download the sermon now.) There are many reasons why we struggle to love like Jesus loved, but the greatest reason is that we simply have holes in our own heart. Wounds and words from the past that have set up shop and convinced us that we need to act in unloving ways to protect ourselves. 

Which is the hardest way for you to love?

  1. Loving people by accepting them?
  2. Loving people by valuing them?
  3. Loving people by forgiving them?
  4. Loving people by believing in them?

This week, tune into the Holy Spirit as He reminds you to look them in the eyes. Pay attention when God prompts you to slow down and turn your attention and genuinely listen to the heart of those around you. Resist the urge to hold an offense against another and choose to love by forgiving. And, encourage someone by believing in what God can and will do in and through them. 

If you're struggling to love, ask the Holy Spirit to show you your own struggles with acceptance, value, forgiveness and His believe in you. He loves to redeem broken lives and He is looking forward to how yours will be redeemed for HIS glory as well. 

Let's learn to Love as God shows us HIS patterns and empowers us by His Spirit!


Pastor Kevin