40 Days of Love: Quote(s) for the day

Loving even when you don't feel like it...

In today's reading from "The Relationship Principles of Jesus", by Tom Holladay, I was encouraged as he discussed the command to "love one another". He succinctly points out that we cannot command emotions, but we can command actions. You can't MAKE someone love or be happy by telling them to do so. You can, however, require someone to carry out a loving act. That is our calling. Even when we don't feel like it, we are called to love God and love others. 


As he was making that point, he shared his journey with his father. It was striking to see the humility with which he acknowledged the grace that saved his father. It wasn't Tom's efforts. It wasn't Tom's frequency of prayers. But, as Tom says,


Jesus took the little I gave him-the prayers I did pray, the letters I did write, the hope I did have-and he did so much more.

As you think about your life, whom do you need to love, even though you don't feel it? I pray you'll be encouraged to love well today, to get back up if you've fallen, and to depend on the grace of God for every decision and action you take. 


Let's do this!

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