Update from the Martins

Dear Friends, at River Oaks,

Greetings from Santiago.  We are so grateful that the rains have started to come after having 5 very dry months.  The grounds are getting moisture and the plants are turning green. The air seems much cleaner.  It also means that the temperature drops a few degrees - for which we are VERY thankful.  

Thank you for your faithful partnership with us here in the Dom. Rep. We recently received your gift.  May it be returned to you many, many times over. Thank you for your sacrifice and generosity.

God is doing some wonderful things here in our midst.  We have many stories of what God is doing through the mentor circles in the public schools, through our staff girls (photo). The students meet in groups of 5-6 with our staff for 40 minutes once a week.  They are opening up their lives and sharing their lives and stories. We continue to pray that they would experience the love of the Father.  These are needy and important times in their lives.  

Monday morning at about 10:30am, Glenn was leaving to do some errands in town. As he opened the front gate, a girl comes running at him calling "Sir, Sir"..the other girl with her went running by.  I heard Glenn call my name, and heard our dog barking.  I thought it was interesting that he called me as he had already said "goodbye".  However, I followed his voice to find a teenage girl leaning on the front pouch in anguish and trembling. Her and a friend had just been held up by two guys on a motorbike (that's very common arrangement for robberies- as motorbikes can move quickly), close to our front yard. They pulled a knife and put it at one's throat.   They stole their purses and cell phones and then took off. 

I was able to hold Jessica and pray for her, while Glenn called security.  I called to our YWAM staff girls and they walked Jessica to the end of the street where her friend lives.  Her friend, ended up being a Christian girl who participated in one of our team building events, and is a strong Christian.  Jessica shared with them how she had started to attend church and had given her life to the Lord one month ago.  We are glad that she's part of a local fellowship and has good people in her life to process such a horrific event.  We are grateful, that we were in the right place at the right time to be the hands of the Lord to minister to Jessica and her friend.  We are grateful with them that they were unharmed.  We continue to pray for the situation of robberies which are taking place in this nation.  It is wonderful to see neighbours reaching out to neighbours and everyone keeping watchful eyes.  We know that the Lord IS our Shepherd. He is our strong tower.  He is present - Emmanuel!  

Thank you for your prayers.  

Glenn and Rhoda