This Weekend at the River: Three Laws of Love

This Sunday, we get to dig into the reality of LOVE. How can we become more loving? What keeps us from making love our priority? Jesus said that LOVING is what LIFE is all about. You and I were put here on this earth for one reason. LOVE. He said that we should first love HIM, and then love others around us. That's it. 

As I've focused on our memory verse from last week,

Everything you do must be done with love. (1 Co 16:14)

I've unfortunately found too many places where I could easily let love fall to the bottom of my priorities:

  • The stockboy at Walmart who rudely announces I am in his way.
  • The actor on tv who spews anti-Christian sentiments.
  • The drive-through person who can NOT seem to figure out what I'm trying to say.

Yeah, you know the places. There are plenty of times when we DO NOT feel like loving. Join me this Sunday as we discover three laws of love that will help us toward a more loving life. 

Pastor Kevin Strite

Life Groups Beginning

If you haven't yet signed up for a 40 Days of Love life group, please do so this Sunday. Some of the groups still have space, and if we need to add more, we can do it. Current groups and days of the week they'll meet are:

  • Zodhiates: Sunday

  • Sweger: Sunday

  • Lambert: Mon/Wed

  • Ranck: Wednesday

  • Christophel: Friday

  • Eby: Friday

If you have questions about the groups, please see one of the hosts.

Pre-Service Prayer Sun 10:00 AM