How's Your IMPACT list coming?

Let's make an IMPACT for Jesus!

How is your IMPACT list?

Proximity vs. Access

On Sunday, we were blessed and challenged by Pastor Dan Garber's message concerning the difference between proximity and access. In the message (YOU CAN HEAR IT HERE), Pastor Dan also gave us some great examples of bringing the presence of Jesus to those around us and leaving an IMPACT for His purposes. 


Or click the video to watch a five-minute clip from Sunday.

Several weeks ago, many of you filled out an "Impact Card" listing the names of the people you felt God was calling you to impact. For many, these were people in your family. For many, there were also names of friends or co-workers. But for almost all of us, God had stirred at least several names and we wrote them down.

Our heart continues to be toward the goals of discipling (showing others HOW to live the Christian life), strengthening (learning together WHAT to BELIEVE in the Christian life) and finally expanding (Adding to the church those who are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.)

I hope you are continuing to pray and believe that GOD can and will use you to leave a lasting impact as you grow more sensitive to His Holy Spirit and as you follow and obey Him every time he leads you!

If you'd like to review the sermon from Sunday, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Please continue to pray that we will be a church found faithful in discipling, strengthening the faith and expanding..

Here are a few ideas to help you remember to pray:

  • Set a reminder on your phone for three times a day.
  • Wear your armband as much as you can to remind you to pray.
  • Connect with a friend or family member and set an agreed upon time to pray. You can pray at the same time even if you're not together or on the phone together.
  • Spend a few minutes each morning/noon/evening praying with your family

The bottom line, as we pray, God is making the way for HIS name to be known all around us. Let's make an IMPACT for HIM!

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - with Margie and Family

THIS Saturday, May 23 at 6 p.m. Everyone is invited to New Life for an evening of conversation with Margie Stone and family (Mongolian Mission Worker). We will share in a carry-in, finger-food meal, beginning at 6 p.m. Drinks and table service will be provided. Margie will share her story of God’s call to Mongolia and there will be time for Q&A followed by a ‘challenge’ from Margie, concluding with prayer.

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