Perigo Spring Update

Check out this brand new video about worship arising in the Middle East highlighting our ministry with Burn 24/7. Unified gatherings of worship and prayer  are continuing to be launched in new areas throughout the Middle East as local believers and expats join together.


Jeremy recently presented academic papers on contextualization of worship in the Muslim-majority context at conferences at Regent University and Southeastern University. Additionally, he has been leading worship and ministering at various events in the UK and a few of our supporting churches in Virginia. In his work at LST, Jeremy has been gathering key worship leaders and theologians including Dr. John Witvliet, Graham Kendrick and Jason Upton for strategic consultations and ministry.


With about 4 weeks to go until May 20, we are counting down the days until we meet our newest bundle of joy.


  • Pray for wisdom and creativity in Jeremy's work life
  • Pray for the girls to grow in their walk with the Lord and to know him better
  • Pray for local God-ordained ministry outlets for Angela and contentment as she serves
  • Pray for Angela's health as she has recently recovered from tonsillitis, laryngitis and a severe chest infection
  • Pray for joy and grace as we prepare for the birth of the new baby
  • Pray as we choose the right name for the baby
  • Pray for our family as we discern God's timing for our next ministry together in a pioneering context


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