The Church that Prays...

Weekend in Review

What Are You? (A church family who prays)

One of the highlights for me from this weekend was our special time of prayer on Sunday evening. When families face extraordinary circumstances, we need to surround them with our empathetic listening, our care, and most importantly our prayers. I was so encouraged with the way the Spirit led us in our prayer time Sunday evening and I look forward to the ways we will see God's answers to each need and for each family we prayed for.

As we have reviewed our "journey" this year, we have asked three questions.

  1. Where are you? (from and going)
  2. Who are you? (In God's eyes)
  3. What are you? (In the church? In the body of Christ?)
Last weekend we heard from Dr. Dan Sweger reminding us to be people who "visit those in prison". We look forward to hearing more of how the weekend goes at Augusta Correctional Institute as Dan and the Kairos team share the great message of Jesus with the residents!How about you? When we ask, "what are you" ... can you answer what you are to God? What you are to those around you? What do you have to offer the church, Jesus body?

This week, I want to challenge you to be praying and asking God, WHAT AM I supposed to be doing in the body of Christ? How can I participate? What do I have to offer?

One powerful thing you can offer today is to PRAY! Pray for the church. Pray for the city. Pray for the nation. Pray for the world and for our missionaries who are serving to the 'ends of the earth'.

And specifically, you can continue to pray for these precious families who are in need of our care, our prayer, and our encouragement to walk with them through each trial they are facing.

Praying that you will know God's voice, hear Him clearly, and  follow Him by His grace,
Pastor Kevin