Sermon Review: "What Are You"?

Clay in the Potter's Hands

Becoming Better Clay

Sunday morning, while I was sharing about the way we can be "better clay", Anna was using her creativity and making good use of her bulletin! She handed me her "handiwork" after church. I love it when the kids make something special and hand it to me. It makes me wonder what we might accomplish if all of us were willing and able to tap into the creativity that flows in the minds of our youngest members? Thanks, Anna!

Anna took a bulletin and molded it into the idea that she had in her head. Much like the Potter takes a lump of clay and molds it in the way HE has decided. Jeremiah tells us that God will first speak what he's going to do, then see how the clay responds. I wonder what God has been saying to each of us? What has He been wanting and intending to do? Where has He been applying pressure? What is he shaping in your life right now?

Because we are clay in the Potter's hands (God's hands) we can rest and trust completely, knowing that HE has a good plan, a good design and a good direction for our lives. When we hit the difficult places, the places that press us and the places that squeeze us, there we have an opportunity to seek Him even more. To seek HIS plans and HIS purposes. God, what are you doing now? How are you shaping me? What are the areas that need to come into line with YOUR plans for me, your clay?

Here's the Great News! God invites you each day to become who HE created you to be. He invites you to accept HIS plan and HIS pressure to be transformed every day of your life. His invitation comes with His word, and with His Spirit to empower and enable you to become! The Potter is ready to form you. Are you ready to be formed?

I pray you'll hear God's voice and know his GOOD plans to form you into the vessel He has always had in his heart and mind.
Trust the Potter Completely and allow Him to form you, Pastor Kevin


  1. What kind of clay are you right now?
  2. Where are you being "pressed" by the potter?
  3. Who can you look to for help in "bending" to the pressure of the potter?