What Are You?

What Are You?

Last weekend we reviewed four benefits to being fully committed to the church, Jesus' body on the earth. When you are fully committed and connected to a local church you get:

  1. You get support and stability.
  2. You get life and growth.
  3. You get God's power to change.
  4. You get love and acceptance.
Anyone who has been a part of the church for very long at all has most likely experienced some difficulty and pain in those relationships. Our experiences, however, should not determine whether or not we continue to pursue God's plans for our lives. I want to encourage you again, find the church God has called you to and then put your life, your heart into what God is doing there.

This week we're going to begin pursuing the question as it relates to our Christian journey ... "WHAT ARE YOU?"

On the face of it, I have to say that I don't think I'd enjoy someone asking me that question on the street. "What are you?" has a particular strangeness to it when applied to each of us individually. The question, however is meant to spark more of a question as it relates to our "body" reality. Romans tells us that the body has MANY parts and we are all ONE part of the body. Within the church, each of us has a place, a role, a purpose. As a part of the body, "WHAT PART are you?" may be a better question to ask.

We're going to go back to the word pictures from a few weeks ago and talk about the reality of being CLAY in the POTTER's hands.

What does it mean to be clay in His hands. Does God just do whatever HE wants and we're just lifeless, mindless pawns on HIS potter's wheel? How can we grasp the reality of God's power and sovereignty while understanding our own responses to Him and how they effect our today and tomorrow?

What are you? You are CLAY in the POTTER's hands. On Sunday, I hope to show you three ways to be better clay. It should be fun.

I hope you are preparing now for a great day of worship and God's presence as we come together as HIS church to be empowered by HIS Spirit for His glory!
Looking forward to a great Sunday together,
Pastor Kevin