Who are you, Really?

Who Are you? Really?

Wow! I don't remember needing to cancel church for two Sundays in a row. We really need to catch up and get together soon! I hope you and your family have enjoyed the snow and have stayed warm and safe.

It's been a while, but the last time we were together for worship, we focused on the 6 pictures we find in the Bible which detail "who we are" in relationship to God. Beginning at a "low" of clay and moving up toward the reality of being a part of the Bride of Jesus! Some of the big ideas we can see in these word pictures help us to live within and embrace who we really are with God. For example:

  • Clay can TRUST because we're in Good Hands
  • Sheep can hear and FOLLOW with confidence since we have the GOOD shepherd
  • Servants can engage boldly knowing we have a specific TASK or PURPOSE.
  • Children can live SECURELY knowing we are fully adopted into GOD's family.
  • Friends KNOW what their friends are doing/saying and are blessed to have GOD confide in us when He is doing something new and good.
  • The Bride knows this. We are PARTNERS for ETERNITY!
Here's the Great News! Every picture of our REAL relationship to God in Christ is a picture of encouragement and comfort. The question is, are we living in those realities?

I hope you'll continue to evaluate the reality of who you REALLY are and that God's Spirit will enable you to live today like you REALLY are that person.

Embrace God's truth and live confidently IN HIM today, Pastor Kevin