Getting Ready for Sunday - Where are you Going? (Part 2)

Sunday is Coming
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Where are you Going? (Part 2)

Last Sunday we were only able to get through the first part of the message titled, "Where are you going". 

It is always important to remember that where we're going will be impacted, perhaps shaped, and guided by where we've been.

What are the defining and strengthening experiences you've had in your past?

Is your past destroying your present and future? It doesn't need to, and Jesus made it possible to be set free from your past. HOWEVER, we should never forget that He will allow things in our lives that strengthen and prepare us for the next chapter or season He is leading us to.

I want to invite you to be praying and preparing for our worship experience together on Sunday. What is God speaking to you about? What are the places in your life that He is getting ready to use for HIS glory? Where is He taking you?

Great News! If you are feeling dry and weary, GOD can refresh you by His Spirit. If you are living with regret for decisions in the past, GOD can redeem every decision for HIS glory. If you are feeling trapped in a cycle or position due to events from the past, GOD has made a way forward in JESUS! Let's go forward together!

Be Very Blessed and revel in God's love, Pastor Kevin