Where are you going? (Preparing for the weekend)

Sunday is Coming

Where are you Going?

Paul knew where he was going. TOWARD the prize of the "upward call". That call is not one that we hear enough some days. Too often, we are drawn by the "other calls" that lead us in all different directions.

As you prepare for our worship experience on Sunday, begin to pray now. Lord, Where am I going?

Where am I going in regard to my:

  • Relationship and walk with God?
  • Relationship with my spouse?
  • Relationship with my kids/parents?
  • Relationship with my siblings/friends/coworkers?
  • Personal goals for life?
Sometimes we simply need to slow down and reflect. Where am I from? (Where have I been?) Where am I right now, and in light of all that, where am I going? What direction am I sensing? What are the expectations I have for the coming year and season of my life?

Great News! You don't have to have it all figured out! You simply need to tune into the voice of God and to follow Him faithfully.  He is speaking! He is leading! He has a plan and a place. Let's go where HE is going, and let's go together!

Be Very Blessed and revel in God's love, Pastor Kevin