So, Where are you at?

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Taking it Home:          

This past Sunday we continued our look at “our Journey” by asking the question, “Where are you?”. And specifically, “Where are you at"?

When God came to Adam and Eve in the garden, He revealed something so powerful, yet so simple that we may be prone to miss it. He revealed His longing, His desire to be WITH us and to show us His deep love even when we fail and turn from Him. He is a searching, a pursuing God and He longs to be with YOU! Today as you ponder your life and your current "place", why not take time to meditate on the glory of being KNOWN by this GOD who longs to be WITH you no matter where you've been or what you've done. He longs for you!

I realize that we are all busy and pressing on to the tasks and callings we have in our lives, but today I am urging you to slow down, take 5 minutes and evaluate, 'Where am I'?

Where am I in regard to my:

  • Relationship and walk with God?
  • Relationship with my spouse?
  • Relationship with my kids/parents?
  • Relationship with my siblings/friends/coworkers?
  • Personal goals for life?
Over and over in the bible, we are told to remember ... remember what I did when you walked away from me. Remember how it became hard when you disregarded my word. Remember the blessings you received when I came and rescued you. Remember!

This week, I encourage you to take one day, one evening and ask the following question to each member of your household:

“On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate your relationship and fellowship with God? Explain.”

Try it, then let me know how it went. I think you will be blessed.

Great News! Even if you look at where you are at, and you find it "lacking", God is pursuing you even now. He is longing for more of you. That sounds crazy, that the God who created you longs for more of you, but He does. He cherishes you and looks forward to the days ahead WITH you!

Be Very Blessed and revel in God's love, Pastor Kevin