Where Are You? (From)

Psalm 37-23  

This past Sunday we began a look at "our Journey". We began by asking the question, "Where are you". And specifically, "Where are you from"?

Your life, your experiences, your highlights and lowlights make up who you are today. They are the root of your decision making. They are at the root of your reactions and interactions with others. And it is a good thing to review, take a look back and discover ... "Where am I really FROM"?

I hope you've had time to do a little work this week already. Looking back. Marking highlights. Writing down memories. It is extremely important to know where we are from so that we can begin to know where we are at, so that we can begin to make God-plans for where we are going.

Have you had a chance to share some experiences with your family? On Monday evening we went around our table several times giving each family member a chance to share significant events or memories from his or her past. It was a special time and helpful to hear from even the youngest what has remained as important and significant in her memory.

Maybe, if you haven't already, you can find time this week to do the same with your household? Ask a simple question and go around the table giving each person a chance to answer:

"What is a unique, or special event you remember from your past"?

Try it, then let me know how it went. I think you will be blessed.

The greatest news is this: No matter where you're from, no matter what your experience, GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN AT WORK in your life writing you into HIS story. God has a unique and special future mapped out for you and He's inviting you to invest in discovering HIS plans for now and for the future.

Be Very Blessed, Pastor Kevin