Preparing to Worship

Preparing for Sunday

When God Came to Find You:

When Jesus was sent to earth, he was, in fact, GOD coming to find US! Whether we feel alone, feel like an outsider, or feel like we need more truth ... Jesus came to find us! He came to find YOU!

On Sunday we will celebrate the reality of Emmanuel, God With Us as we worship and meditate on God's word. We will reflect on our own journey with God and anticipate together what God is planning and writing into the next chapter of our lives as individuals, families and as a church.

We will be blessed to hear three songs from our kids and then we have a special musical guest Csilla this week as well.

I hope that you are finding God in the busyness of the season, and that you and your family are making good (God) memories as you anticipate the celebration of Jesus' birth. 


Let's continue to pray! It is prayer that changes things. In Prayer we acknowledge our need of God. And, in prayer, we engage in the REAL work of "Your Kingdom Come" kind of living.
  • Praying for our Weekend of Worship
    • Pray that we will be united in celebration of Jesus as Savior and the one sent to find us.
    • Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare each of us to celebrate God appropriately, according to all He deserves.
    • Pray for Harry Brunk as he and the music team prepare to lead us.
    • Praise God for our new home and ask Him to come and be manifest(felt) among us as we worship there.
    • Ask God to bring guests to worship with us.
  • Praying for our New Home
    • Praise God for final inspection and approval on Thursday of this week!