Facing our Failures

1 John 1:9 [widescreen]

Taking it Home:

Facing our failures must always be guided by the amazing love that God has given us in Jesus Christ.

In Jesus, we are empowered to run the race "marked out for us". Free from encumbrances and sin that entangles (Hebrews 12). In Jesus, we are loved and approved before God. It was true on the day of salvation, and it is true EVERY day of our life with God.

I love the story God lays out in Psalm 78 as He recounts the ways He has graciously blessed His people. He also recounts the ways that His people have forgotten, or rejected His ways and turned from him over and over. If it weren't for his grace and mercy, they deserved to be destroyed. But listen to verse 38:

And, Romans 2:3-5 tell us that it is God's KINDNESS that leads us to repentance (a change of mind). The list of failures (sins) included in Galatians 5 reveal some obvious sin areas and some that may be more subtle. No matter obvious or subtle, all of us need to consistently check our attitudes, our words, our thoughts, our actions to bring them into line with the grace that has been shown to us.

My prayer for you this week is that you find yourself overwhelmed by the kindness and love of God. He is patient with you and He loves loving you. Why not face your failures this week by acknowledging sin areas, taking them to God, confessing them to a trusted Christian friend, and then living FREE in the forgiveness and righteousness you have already been given IN JESUS.

Please Pray:

  • For the honest ability to face our failures with onfidence in CHRIST.
  • For our church family to walk in the VICTORY and GRACE of JESUS
  • Kathie Z - Continued healing/restoration
    • Pray for each family/individual to hear from God on our commitment to missions giving for 2015
    • Pray for all of our missionaries around the world.
  • Building Process
    • Praise God! Inspections passed and we're building walls.
    • Pray for drywall to be completed so that painting can begin.
    • Pray for critical orders to arrive in a timely manner:
      • Chairs
      • Bathroom Partitions
      • Carpet
Let's Keep the Prayer Going!

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Thanks for praying together! Pastor Kevin