Facing My Failures

Preparing for Sunday
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Last Week:

We started the process of recognizing when we live out of FEAR instead of FAVOR of the FATHER. Several of you have already shared with me how that reflection has been helpful. If you have a story, please click reply and tell me about it. If you missed the message from Sunday you can  (Click the image above to listen online or to download audio/sermon notes from last weekend.)

I hope you have been able to reflect some this week on what your own “orphan spirit” issues may be.

This Week:

Psalm 139:23 [widescreen]We will take a look at facing the failures in our lives. How many times have we wrestled with the same sin or pattern? How many times did we commit to choosing another way? And sometimes it feels like we're getting nowhere. I want to invite you to begin now praying for God's GRACE to become more real in your life. Perhaps too often, we have looked at the failure for too long and have neglected the truth when facing failure: GOD STILL LOVES ME!

Let's continue to pray! It is prayer that changes things. In Prayer we acknowledge our need of God. And, in prayer, we engage in the REAL work of "Your Kingdom Come" kind of living.
  • Praying for each other
    • Continue to pray for Kathie Z. as she recovers from surgery.
    • Pray for the Ranck Family as they make final preparations for their new family addition.
  • Praying for our Weekend of Worship
    • Pray that our hearts will be open to receive a full and fresh dose of God's GRACE and LOVE as His kindness leads us to repentance!
    • Ask God to prepare EVERYONE of us to meet Him in a fresh way.
    • Pray for the release of the Holy Spirit in our worship and in our time together Sunday.
    • Pray for your family (consider praying together) to be prepared to worship and receive.
  • Praying for our New Home
    • Pray for the crew(s) that will be working today and tomorrow.
    • Pray for clarity and coordination for framing and electrical work this weekend and next week.
    • Pray for Harry Brunk, Johnny Branner, Steve Davis, Joel Davis and Richard Breeden as they coordinate different facets of the project.
    • Ask God for wisdom and protection to complete the building in His time.