Facing My Fears

Click the image to listen online, or to download audio and notes.

Taking it Home:

Yes! It is true! You are an overcomer, by FAITH IN JESUS!

All of us live with that truth embedded in our spirits as adopted sons/daughters of God. And yet, we continue to wrestle with the "thing we don't want to do". (Romans 7) On Sunday, we looked at the key area of previous wounds.

(Click the image above to listen online or to download Sunday's audio or notes) A place of "lodging" in our soul that allows fears to begin driving us toward actions that we do not want to take. We look around and before we can respond, "it" has overtaken us and we've acted again out of fear instead of Faith. Out of protection instead of trust. And we all have places of fear.If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to continue reflecting on areas of conflict. Continue asking the Spirit of God to reveal root fears and beyond that, root CAUSES of the fears.

Then, find a trusted friend or two and simply name your fears. You do NOT need to be overcome by fear. You do not need to be driven by the need to control and protect. YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER! Open up your heart to hear what the Spirit will tell you, and then open up your life to be known by those God has given to you as a church family. He is waiting to heal and empower you for victory in your Christian life!

Please Pray:

  • All of us to know and face our fears
  • Church family will walk in VICTORY of JESUS
  • Kathie Z - Continued healing
  • Ranck Family preparing for new addition
  • Building Process
    • Plumbing for Bathroom
    • Framing of Bathroom Walls
    • Framing of Office Walls
    • Framing and building platform