Facing Your Fears


Last Week:

We looked at the reality of being fully ADOPTED into God's family. The amazing truth that we can and should be living in which is so often overshadowed by the "orphan spirit" that we have learned to live with. (Click the image above to listen online or to download audio/sermon notes from last weekend.)

I hope you have been able to reflect some this week on what your own "orphan spirit" issues may be.

This Week:

Psalm 139:23 [widescreen]We will continue to discover the heart of God for all of His adopted children as we ask a very important question. "What are you afraid of"? As we live our lives with God on our side, and learning to live as adopted sons and daughters, He invites us to bring our fears (many times based on wounds from our past) to Him for healing and for the power to overcome. I hope you will come expecting to meet Jesus! I hope you will come ready to worship and join with your church family in a time of expectancy that GOD is already prepared for us to meet. Will we be ready for Him?

For Prayer:

  • PRAISE GOD!!! Our Building Permit is ready! We can begin the process of making the major preparations on our new church home. We will share more on Sunday.
  • Praying for each other:
    • Continue to pray for Kathie Z. as she recovers from surgery. THANK YOU to the MANY of you who took a meal to the Z family. They are so appreciative!
    • Pray for the Ranck Family as they make final preparations for their new family addition.
    • Rita E. as she spends her last few days in Romania and prepares to travel home.
  • Praying for our Weekend of Worship
    • Ask God to prepare EVERYONE of us to meet Him in a fresh way.
    • Pray for the release of the Holy Spirit in our worship and in our time together Sunday.
    • Pray that our hearts will be open and ready for the NEW things HE has prepared for us.
    • Pray for your family (consider praying together) to be prepared to worship and receive.