Here We Grow: Digging Deeper in the Soil of our Souls

Dear Church Family,

I first want to thank Jim Ranck for sharing the story of his car's "sanctification". (Remember that sanctification is the process of restoring to original state and purpose). It was a joy to see the end results of many hours of labor.

On Sunday, I talked about the issues that keep coming up in our lives; areas where we just can’t experience complete “sanctification” and victory. I mentioned the need to allow ourselves to “look deeper” and ask the Holy Spirit to review our lives.

Science (particularly neuroscience) has shown us that memories and emotions get wrapped up together at the very core of our brain, at the lowest places, the earliest places formed. The very foundations of who we are and how we act come from the deepest places, some of which are hidden and have become unknown over the years.

I asked you to consider three steps over the next several weeks. Steps you can take to work at digging deep into the soil of your soul.

  1. Remember: Ask God to help you remember any/every memory from zero to 10 years old. (I even had someone share with me after church that God had allowed them to have a pre-birth memory!) Some may feel they have no memories at all of this period and that’s ok. Just ask God to show you what He wants you to remember.
  2. Recognize: Once you remember, write down the emotions you feel or felt when you experienced that memory. What were you feeling when that event transpired.
  3. Rest: Using Psalm 46, meditate on God’s Word and allow HIM to be your source of strength, refreshing and quiet peace.

We’re going to talk again about each of these this week and in a few weeks, I’m going to invite you to take some more action with what you’re finding as you dig deeper. I know that God is releasing a corporate anointing for healing and life. I pray that each of you will take the opportunity He has opened up to receive new levels of healing and perhaps even healing for the first time in your own soul.

Yes, we are grateful for God’s gift of salvation and for justifying us through faith in Jesus Christ! But, we are also extremely grateful that He didn’t stop there. He offers us complete sanctification (Restoration) through our ongoing faith journey and our ongoing faith in ALL that JESUS has made possible.

I pray that you will know His grace more and more as you seek Him this week,

Pastor Kevin Strite

Prayer Project - 31

Our 31 days of prayer continue through October and I continue to enjoy receiving "I Prayed Today!" emails from many of you. Thank you for responding, but even more, THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! It is so encouraging to be praying together and asking God to do what HE wants to do among us.