Update from Glen and Rhoda

Thank you for your support.
(Some of the YWAM Santiago personnel with Lulu - a village girl; in NIKOLAND)

Dear Friends at Shenandoah,


Greetings from Santiago. Thank you for your faithful monthly support.  It never ceases to amaze us how God creatively provides for us.  You have been an instrument of his provision and encouragement to us. Thank you. May it be returned to you many times over.


As I write this, Glenn is out for a coffee with two Dominican young adult guys.  We always count it an honor and privilege to be invited to mentor and disciple.  We actually have more opportunities than we accept. People are hungry and desperately need others to take time for them.  As we take time with certain youth we are always reminded and forever grateful for the couples who took interest in our personal lives as young adults. They were influential in our formation.

We are busy and yet at the same time, we are cherishing our last 10 days together before we spend 20 days apart (it will be the longest time apart), as we attend to our different responsibilities that take us to different part of the world between Oct 8-Nov 8th.  Would you pray for us?

I have been meditating on the Lord's Prayer over these past weeks and reminded afresh and anew that it's the Father's Will that we want to see done.  In this season of team building with our team of 10 being from 5 nations this is a good word for us.  Our desire is to see through His eyes and not our cultural eyes. It's His kingdom that we want to come.

Thank you for being part of our lives.  These are times when we feel like we stand at the thresh hold of some amazing things that God wants to do; and at the same time we feel the price and sacrifice that needs to be paid.  Some days we feel courageous and valiant and other times when it can be overwhelming.  However, He is our Rock and we count it a privilege to obey His call for this season. (Our update coming out in the next few days will consider some of this.)

May the Lord bless you as you are salt and light.

Blessings, Glenn and Rhoda