From "Go" to "Grow": Prayer Project - 31

From Go to Grow: Prayer Project - 31
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Dear Church Family,

What an exciting time to be joining together in covenant for the next chapter God has written already for our New Life family. Signing the covenant is more than just placing ink on a page, but it is our way of committing wholeheartedly to the Lord Jesus and to each other. We commit to Jesus that we will find our place, engage in our part, and fully participate in what HE is calling us to do as individuals, as families and as a church family. We commit to each other to love, support, encourage and walk in wholeness together as the Holy Spirit enables. We look forward to the next chapter of New Life and I am grateful to God for each of you and your unique place in what HE is doing.

A Special Message

This past Sunday I shared a text message I had received from an out of town friend who prays regularly for New Life. Here is the text message:


“Praying for you, the elders and leadership of NL. That to love, trust, serve and obey God would be the strong resolve of every family of NL. There may be a dark cloud on the horizon - take up your swords and be watchful.”


As we covenant together and as God calls us to walk in the next chapter, I found it interesting that he felt a warning from the Lord. Our response to that message should not be one of fear, but of re-doubling our efforts in prayer. It is certainly true that the enemy would love to distract and derail the church just at the point of most effectiveness, but we are not unaware of his schemes!

Prayer Project - 31

Today I am calling the church to join in what I am calling “Prayer Project 31” as we pray toward entering our new chapter and hopefully entering the new home that is being prepared at 51 Burgess Road. I will be sending out a note of encouragement with a verse each day for the next 31 days, and I invite you to join together as families, as small groups and as individuals in praying for and over the church. We need to be praying over relationships, mission, vision, focus, ministry and the process of building the worship center. I hope you will join me in doubling our efforts of prayer. It is going to be a great journey with God as our guide.

From "Go to Grow"

For the next three weeks, we are going to shift focus from “Here we Go” to “Here we Grow”. This Sunday I want to share on the important topic “FROM GO TO GROW”. Every believer who has experienced the grace of salvation has a journey ahead of him/her. We can each continue the growth and need to be open to the places our Father in heaven wants to reveal to us. Places that are in need of his renewing and restoring. The graphic William has created focuses on the same image from "Here We Go", but "pans down" to the roots below that are the source of life and health and growth. How are your own roots?


Thank you for covenanting together this past weekend, and I pray God’s great blessing, favor, strength and courage over this next season.


Let’s GO and GROW together for God’s Glory!

Pastor Kevin Strite


(For those of you who were not able to sign last weekend, the covenant will be available the next two weeks so that everyone will have the opportunity.)

Do me a favor. If you have read this far, and you are willing to join in daily prayer over the next 31 days, please hit


to simply let me know "you're in".

Thanks, Pastor Kevin