Getting Our New Home Ready

We are excited to make preparations on our recently-aquired space which will serve as the center for all of our ministries when it is ready. It's going to take a bit of work to get the space ready, but we are fortunate that the walls which currently exist will work well for worship space as well as fellowship and offices.

The building team is preparing plans to build bathrooms as well as additional office space. We will also need to do some building for a platform in the sanctuary and there will be some painting involved as we get to finishing stages.

This Sunday evening, you are invited to come and check out our "New Home". We will meet at 7:00 PM for a short time of worship and prayer. You can walk around the building and help prepare our home through prayer! We will probably have the space open from 7:00 - 8:00, but if you'd like to come and join in prayer, please come at 7:00.

This Sunday, we will be asking for volunteers to sign up for scheduled times to help with the process. We look forward to working together, praying together and the exciting day of "moving into our New Home" together.

More to come ...

The Building Team