Returning from Study Leave - THANK YOU!

Returning from Study Leave

I want to thank everyone for your grace in making the past three month’s a possibility and reality! Thank you to Pastor Joseph Umidi for encouraging and facilitating the time away.

Thank you to each of the Elders, Jim Eby and Webb Hypes, for your prayer, support, encouragement and oversight of the church while I was gone.

Many thanks to the guest speakers through the summer. (Pastor Dick Blackwell, Steve Davis, George Yoder, Jim Nichols, Dr. Dan Sweger, Dr. Joseph Umidi, Pastor Sam Scaggs, Roger Ford and Dr. John Sloop) I know that the church was“well fed” during these messages.

Thank you to the men who prayed daily over the summer!

Thank you to the Administration Team (Grace Guy, Steve Davis, Evan Strite). Thank you to Linda Davis for keeping the finances in order. Thank you to the Sunday facilitators and music leaders (Dean Showalter, Jim Ranck, Harry Brunk, Steve Davis, and Nancy Ranck)

And thank you to all of you who prayed, gave, encouraged, worshipped and grew together.

It is indeed an incredible blessing to be encouraged, allowed, and enabled to spend the months refreshing and renewing as I have been able to do.

THANK YOU! Pastor Kevin Strite

Where to now? 

I will have more to share in coming Sundays, but wanted to give you a heads up today concerning the things that God seems to be speaking and leading in. DEEP AND WIDE One of the things that is clear to me is that God is calling us as a church to go DEEPER and WIDER. DEEPER in our relationship and understanding of Him! WIDER in our influence and impact as a church body. No matter how long we have known Jesus as Savior, we can all go DEEPER!

Psalm 42:7 says:

“Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls; All Your breakers and Your waves                                                   have rolled over me.”

There is a deeper place for all of us and God is calling us to go DEEPER as individuals. DEEPER as families and DEEPER as a church into the depths of HIS love and grace.

But He is calling us to a WIDER place as well. In a message to the people of God,

Isaiah said in Isaiah 54:2:

Enlarge the place of your tent; Stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, spare not; Lengthen your cords And strengthen your pegs.

I believe the Lord is saying this to us now. NOW is the time to WIDEN our influence, our impact. There are so many in need of a place of peace and life. So many in need of a home, a family, a SAVIOR! So many who are in need of NEW LIFE that comes in Jesus alone.

We’ll talk more over the coming weeks, but pray with me for the call of God on our lives to go DEEPER and WIDER in the coming days/months/years.

New Home and New Chapter for New Life

A few days ago, I received a text message from a dear friend in another state. He said,

“Having a moving time of worship on the craggy coast of Acadia in Maine. Listening to worship songs, interceding and asking God to pour out His Spirit upon you and NL. Asking for His power, peace and presence to prevail within. I believe He wants me to be a watcher on the wall for you as you embark on a new chapter. My prayers will be with you until He relieves me from my post.”

First of all, praise God for men and women of God who are listening and obeying as He speaks. Secondly, thank God for putting New Life on this brother’s heart. We have another “watcher on the wall”! But what struck me most from the post was the last part of that sentence.

“as you embark on a new chapter

I believe this very much! God is indeed opening a New Chapter for New Life and as an exciting reality to go along with that, we believe that God has led us to a NEW HOME for our worship and gatherings. This week, the elders will work to finalize a contract to move our place of worship and our offices under one roof! We are excited about the possibilities that this extends to us as a church family. Space to worship and a place to invite friends and family! A place that will be available any day of the week for ministries the Lord raises up. A place of life. A place of hope. A place of healing.

If plans go as scheduled, we can begin to work at making the space “ours” during the month of September and potentially move in the beginning of October.

There will be much to share and work at along the way, but I believe the Lord has opened up this NEW HOME for this NEW CHAPTER of NEW LIFE!

The leases space sits just to the left of SEARS, in the same building, and I’ve included a photo above of the front for you to be in prayer as we begin the transition.

We’ll share more about this on Sunday… I’LL SEE YOU THEN!

I’m looking forward to it and I hope you are too!