Update from the Elders

A note from the elders of New Life.

And We're Off...

Pastor Kevin began his three month Summer Study on Sunday, June 1. As he has been sharing with you, he expects to spend the summer being refreshed, renewed and resourced for our next season of church life together.

During the summer, since he will not be available for any pastoral ministry, we wanted you to be aware of who to contact in case you are in need of pastoral care. Below is a list of persons and contact information for you to hold onto through the summer. If you happen to call the “wrong” person, we can help you get in touch with those who can help with your situation.

For Pastoral/Personal Care Please Contact the Pastoral Care team:

  • Jim and Rita Eby
  • Webb and Carol Hypes
  • Jim and Lois Nichols
  • Jim and Judy Ranck

For Administrative Needs: (ie. bulletin announcements, newsletter information, event plans)

  • Evan Strite       Office Phone: 801-0085
  • Grace Guy
  • Steve Davis

Together we will work toward the plans God has for New Life this summer. If you have any questions, contact one of the above persons and we will be happy to help.

Summer Opportunity: Let’s Set a New Trend

One of the things Pastor Kevin mentioned a few weeks ago had to do with the “giving pattern” for New Life over the summers. It has been a somewhat consistent pattern to have our giving drop off during the summer months. We have never really ascertained why this happens, but we want to remind you again to consider that reality and to make a commitment to not just keep giving at the same level, but to consider a special gift as well. Some of the areas you could give a special gift to this summer include:

  • A Grace Giving Missionary or Project
  • Our Capital Fund
  • General Fund
  • Adoption Fund
  • Benevolence Fund

Whatever you decide, we invite you to prayerfully consider how you and your family can help to make this summer “break the pattern” of the normal drop off in giving.

Planting for New Life in Generations to Come

Pastor Kevin also reported to the church recently that a building and land team continues to pursue options for New Life in regard to a building or land for the church. As the team continues to prayerfully consider what God is calling us to do, we encourage you to do the same. Consider a regular time of prayer as a family, asking God to guide and to lead us in HIS plans for New Life. Consider a time of fasting during the summer to hear from the Lord and to lead the elders and the team who is doing the research.


We expect to increase our focus over the summer and to begin presenting ideas when Pastor Kevin returns in the Fall. We appreciate your prayers. Current Building Team Members:

  • Johnny Branner - Chairman
  • Jim Eby
  • Webb Hypes
  • Steve Davis
Support During The Summer

Finally, we want to invite you to join in believing that God is going to do wonderful things during this season. Not just in the life of our pastor and his family, but in our own lives as well. A few Sundays ago, Pastor Kevin asked men to stand and commit to daily prayer for him. 15 men stood on that Sunday to say, “We Will Pray”. Perhaps you would like to be counted among the warriors to pray for our pastor, our families, and our church? We would also like to enlist at least 15 women who will commit to pray daily for Lynda this summer. If you are willing to be one of those prayer warriors, please let us know by contacting Evan Strite to have him add you to the list.

Perhaps you can even commit as a family to pray for the Strite family? Daily, Weekly, some sort of focused prayer time believing that God is at work? If so, please let us know.

As you commit to prayer, we encourage you to pray not only for Pastor Kevin and Lynda and for their family, but to pray daily for the church. Pray daily for the growth we believe God wants us to experience; spiritual growth and growth in numbers of people who are a part of the New Life Family. Pray, Believe, Invite, and let’s watch what God is going to do throughout this special summer season.

We believe God is going to do great things. We are pleased to serve and lead WITH you. And we look forward to all that God will bring about in the coming months and years.

Many Blessings,

The Elder Team

Jim Eby and Webb Hypes