Turning our WANDERING into WONDERING ...

This is how Nick Guy decorated his "rock" to remind him that he doesn't want stones crying out in his place. Nice job Nick! Over the past several weeks we have been encouraged with the incredible mercy of God. We have been challenged to be the ones crying out so that no stone would have to do it in our place. And, we have seen the "Opposites" that are created in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Hearing it on Sunday is one thing. Living it on Monday, Tuesday ... Saturday is another.

I wonder how it's been going? Have you been able to increase your level of praise? Have you been able to receive God's mercy in new ways? Have you been able to turn from Wandering to Wondering?

I found several times this past week when my "feelings" said, "It's time to wander ... give up ... let go of hope." I was encouraged in those moments to turn from a "spirit of wandering" to God's Spirit of WONDER!

"I wonder what God is going to do?"

"I wonder how God is going to work this out?"

"I wonder how God is going to receive glory through this?"

Turning from wandering to wondering has also been helpful as our family has talked through real-life issues facing us on a daily basis. What if we became more aware of the mercy and grace He offers us? What if we became more tuned to the comfort he offers in "the moment"? What if we turned more quickly to the WONDER of who He is and how HE works? What if we made WONDER our life-reality instead of WANDERING?

How's it going for you? Have a testimony of how you were able to turn from wandering to wondering this week? Email me and let me know. It is always good to hear how God is moving in your lives!

I WONDER what God will do this week? This Sunday? This day?


Pastor Kevin