Our Source for Mercy

Prodigal_CloudMy heart was overwhelmed with the sense that God wanted to reach to us ... to "come to us" even has he came to the younger and older sons in the parable ... that Sunday was a special day for us as we took the time to honestly lay our own hearts before Him and ask,

Is it me, Lord? Do I walk with the attitude of the older brother? Do I lack the mercy you have so freely given into my life?

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Many of you responded at the end of our worship service and I believe God was doing a significant work of sifting the attitudes and judgments of our hearts. I continue to sense His tender mercy and I believe He has only begun to help us as we turn our hearts toward the full revelation of the mercy he has shown each of us.

Whether you find yourself in the younger brother's shoes, wanting to get out of the control of God and do "your own thing", or perhaps you feel the guilt of having stood unwilling to offer mercy to others, GOD has assured us that HE is faithful and that HE is merciful and that HE will lead us to a new and tender relationships with HIM.

Ultimately, we want to KNOW HIS HEART more! We want to be about HIS passions more. We want to live in the freedom that comes in knowing that HE has provided his free gift of grace. That it was always HIM who made the way and provided the path and brought us in as sons and daughters in HIS family.

I pray that you will continue to be drawn to HIS MERCY and that HIS MERCY will be growing in our hearts to much that it will only have one place to go from there ... OUT ... out to the hurting, the needy, the "squandering younger sons" ... He is calling us to join His search for those who are in need of Him.

Will we join Him?

Easter comes in a few weeks. (One of the greatest opportunity in our culture to invite a friend to church.)

Who is God placing in your path? Who is God laying on your heart? Who does our Father want us to go out and find? Let's keep asking Him, and when He answers, let's be faithful to at the very least invite them to come in ... to come and see ... to come and know the Father who truly loves them.

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