Office Assistant Hired - Staff Update

Updates on Office Staff

Who to Contact for What?

Recently, we informed you of Rita Eby's move from her position as Administrative Assistant. Since that time, we have divided the tasks which she was covering into two roles. We are happy to announce the hiring of Evan Strite as our new Office Assistant. We are also very pleased to announce that Rita will continue some of the administrative assistant tasks through June, or until we hire a replacement for these tasks. Rita has graciously offered her services on a volunteer basis until another individual is found to replace her. Thank you! Rita!

Evan Strite has been hired part time to serve as our Office Assistant. If you have information for the bulletin, please email him at

Evan will be working at the weekly tasks needed to keep the office running smoothly.

We are pleased that Rita Eby will continue to work at the following roles as a volunteer:

  • Event Planning
  • Forward team/Elder team scheduling
  • Sunday Morning Coordination of Ministry
  • Scheduling individual meetings with Pastor Kevin

If you need to contact Rita, you can email her at

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