The Choice is Yours, Light or Darkness?

Jan-14As we heard on Sunday, John announced Jesus' ministry into an extremely dark, hopeless culture and time. If we look around us today, it is not that difficult to imagine how un-Godly and counter-Christlike the culture may have been. All around us there is an all-out attack on Christianity and Jesus as Lord. In our own nation, laws are passed, and values long held are trampled as we walk further and further from God and his grace. In our personal life, dark times come as well. It can be a family health situation, an employment search, financial difficulties, loss of a loved one, the list is endless.

And yet, just as John announced the KINGDOM and the FIRE of the Spirit into a dark place, aren't we called to announce these very same messages to those around us and to ourselves each day. WE have the light, the Light of JESUS! WE have the hope of eternity. We have the TRUTH of the word. We, of all people need to embrace what we have and hold on to HIM who has called us. Hold onto HIM who has saved us and redeemed us from darkness ... brought us into light!

In your own life, have you found yourself focusing on the darkness, or on the light? Have you looked around to see those who need some light? Some hope?

On Sunday, January 19, we will be privileged to hear from the Teen Challenge Choir (Bayse, Virginia) as they declare the LIGHT through singing and testimonies. We will be blessed as we remember the great grace of God as he offers HIS life for ours and offers HIS light and hope.

My prayer for you this week, is that you will draw near to the light and life of JESUS. Spend time in HIS word. Listen for HIS voice. Seek HIM diligently and expect HIM to hear you and love you and lead you and encourage you ... He is waiting to spend time with you. Will you seek HIM this week? Will you offer HIM to another in need?

These are the opportunities before us. The choice is ours. Light or Darkness? Which will it be?

I pray you chose the light of Jesus!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Kevin Strite