What will your Christmas Experience be like this year?

facebook A few days ago I listened with amazement at a radio commercial for some "super pill" that will totally reduce your feelings of stress. The focus of the ad seemed to be that using this pill while shopping on Black Friday would totally relieve any stress you would have felt. Amazing! (on so many levels).

  1. First, amazing that we need to find a pill to help us get through the initial "shopping experience" of this Christmas holiday.
  2. Second, amazing that someone would just assume that people will all be out fighting the crowds and the bad drivers on that day instead of enjoying the rest of the weekend with their family.
  3. Third, amazing that the Christmas Experience is so often expected to induce new and unwanted stresses (from the many extra appointments, the extra guests, the extra ... you name it).

My question for you this year is, "What will your Christmas Experience be like this year"?

nl_front_lrgOver the next four Sundays, we will be focusing on the Christmas Experience. There is probably no one reading this who has not said year after year, "This year I'm going to change ... (name it here) ... so that we can truly enjoy Christmas and focus on Jesus Birth!" And year after year, too many of us fall short of our goal.

The truth is, as we focus together on Sunday mornings, we will find that the Christmas Experience has much to show us and tell us about our own lives. From the long wait which led up to Jesus' birth, to Mary experiencing God's favor, to Joseph experiencing peace in the storm, to the LOVE that was given to the whole world, there is a message in the Christmas Experience for all of us.

My prayer for all of you is that you will genuinely experience hope, favor, peace, joy and ultimately a refreshing of God's love as you go through these next weeks "Experiencing Christmas".

These four weeks would be a wonderful time to invite your friends to join you as we share the Christmas Experience from week to week. 

Let's remember to pray for one another and to expect God to do surprising things in our own lives as well as the lives He is intending for us to touch with His love this season. I believe it's going to be a great Christmas Experience!

Be Blessed, Pastor Kevin