Knock, and the door will be opened to you!

knock_1-1During our 21 days of prayer and fasting, we are knocking and God is opening the door(s) of opportunity! Opportunity to share HIM and HIS love with others around us. Following the excellent message Sunday morning calling us to be FRESH BREAD deliverers to the world, 30+ brave souls met at 2:00 Sunday afternoon for a season of "treasure hunting". What is treasure hunting you ask? Simply put, treasure hunting engages christians in the activities of worship, prayer, and going out. We believe that God knows who is "out there" and that God knows who HE is touching and God knows who WE are supposed to be blessing and ministering to.

So, we met for a time of worship and prayer, and after hearing from God, we dispersed in groups of 2 - 10 to various places around the city. The mall, the JMU arboretum and downtown. We went expecting to meet those that God had prepared to receive a word, or a prayer, or a healing from HIM.

I'm a bottom line person... In just 1 hour, we had the opportunity to pray for 18+ people who we met along the way. From a gentleman at the JMU arboretum who had come to spend time seeking God's promises, to a young lady and her friend downtown who needed healing and encouragement, to several people in the mall who were surprised with the blessing of God's good news and promises.

Over 30 gathered Sunday afternoon to "treasure hunt" and deliver some "fresh bread" to people around the city.

You might wonder who all of these EXTROVERTS were who were bold enough to go out and pray for people. I'm overjoyed to tell you that there were very few extroverts (naturally) among us, but ALL of us became extroverts with the presence of Jesus and the anointing of His Spirit. The consensus was, upon returning and sharing our stories, that we want more of this! We want more of taking JESUS to those he is wanting to touch. We want more of opening ourselves to being God's "delivery person" and to taking his presence "out there".

I'm sure you will hear more on Sunday as others share their testimony, but I wanted you to be encouraged today. As we continue our 21 days of Prayer and Fasting, let's continue to KNOCK on the door of opportunity. Asking God for open doors to share HIM and HIS LOVE and HIS promises to those around us.

Who will you meet today that is in need of a touch from God? The Lord is asking us to look UP and to see what HE is doing. He is asking us to tune IN and hear what HE is saying. And He is asking us to reach OUT to share Him with people all around us.

Are you ready to see God move in and through you? Let's keep praying/knocking and expecting ... God is on the move!

~ Pastor Kevin Strite