News from Bulgaria

Dear friends, September this year pass quickly. It was a busy and exciting time for our work.

1. At the end of August Ivan, a young brother came here from North Bulgaria to practice Missionary work. He helped us with the local Roma people, who we call here Turkish speaking Gipsy. We thought him how to share, how to continue the relationship in next, how to find a Person of Peace and to start a small group later. This practice is about T4T practice with Module teaching for church planters we work with Bulgarian Bible League together.

The real practice is showing us many times that this is absolutely need after every missionary teaching. We did the same things later in September with other group of people in modules of Bible League here working with Muslims in our City of Kardjali which we continue September October.

2. Also very exited for us were two trips to the Bible place Fhilphi I Greece. In two Saturdays we took people from our church and did trips with them to the bible’s Fhiliphi where we visited the Old City of Fhilphi, where the prison of Paul is and the place where Lidia was peptizing and Paul God started the first church in Europe. This place reminded us to pray for a new revival in Europe.

This is the water of the local river of Old Fhiliphi where Lidia was baptizing by Paul

Also the biggest City in Greece today is not Fhiliphi, but Kavala-Neapolis, pl. see the book of acts 16th. In Kavala we visited a place where in year 2004 the Greek Orthodox church made a mosaic showing the vision of Paul with the Macedonian man who call him to come to help.

This mosaic mean a lot for us to share the Gospel and pray for new revival in Europe

Penka and I and a sister from our church had an interesting meeting exactly front this mosaic. When we explained the image of the mosaic to our people a family from South Bulgaria was listening behind us and after that they had questions about Jesus and the Bible. Praise the Lord that after 15-20 minutes they come to faith in Jesus and accepted Him.

The family from Goce Delchev - Bulgaria front the mosaic in Kavala after they came to Jesus there

Now Fhilphi is about 2,30 hours from our city and in the future we will be glad to show this place to many of you - our friend if you can come visiting us here.

3. The third exiting things happened in September were continuum of the Art Work Shops with Turkish Gipsy children and baptizing 12 new believers from the groups.  In two villages we did same Art Work Shops like in August in Bulgarian Muslim villages. One was in the Turkish village Perperek and second in the village Chiflik. In both villages among the Turkish people are living Turkish speaking Gipsy who are under the influence of the Islam in the region. In village Perperek we had build last year a small, (first village church building in the region). The help for this was from Grace Church TX, by the support of ANM VA. This September we were able to set in it 4 benches and 5 tables and we did the Art Work Shops in the building.

The people already are doing prayer and meetings in the building. The children are very happy. First time from this group we had 9 people - bois, baptized. This came after 6-7 years work in this place where the people where very wild and unpredictable. In some way they still are.

In the other Village – Chiflik where we first started the work among the Turkish Gipsy people in our region we also did the Art Work Shop and baptized 3 people. One of them was a Turkish girl- Naime, who came to live in the village and who was Evangelized by the local group. We praise the Lord for His mercy.

In this village the group is about 30 people with the children and we are still doing the meetings and The Art Work Shops outside. In the winter to do the meetings outside is very uncomfortable and we are praying God to support us to build same church building like in village of Perperek.

And at the end please pray for us, for our regular personal support for our living and for a regular support to do the will of God in the region where we are living in Rodophi mountain Bulgaria.

In 13th of September this year we had 32 year from our marriage with Penka. Our son Ivailo took a photo with us from the same night. He also is part of our service now in the Lord doing photos, videos and helping with the graphic design.

Thank you for your prayers and Support in our Lord Jesus.

With love!

Hari and Penka

Hari and Penka