Not.a.Fan Great Response


Not_A_Fan_-_ArtworkThis past Sunday, the ADVANCING crew wrapped up a four week study of the Not.a.Fan materials by Kyle Idleman. (Special thanks to Dusty and Marlene Howdyshell, Elyssa Ranck and Dean Showalter for great leadership!)  Weekly, we watched a short video and shared together in small groups. We also had some fun breaking the ice, including building "something out of garbage" the last evening. (Photos included below).

On Sunday evening an altar call was given for first time commitments to Jesus as well as a re-dedication to living "All In" for Jesus. Not a Fan is a simple call to become a FOLLOWER of Jesus instead of being a fan. Instead of explaining it all here in this space, I wanted you to know the response.

We are so grateful for the moving of God's Spirit among us as 6 came forward for a first time commitment, and over 30 responded for a re-dedication of lives to being a whole-hearted FOLLOWER of JESUS! We are praising God for His call on our lives and look forward to the new season of becoming genuine followers. I am hoping that some of those who responded will share a testimony with us this Sunday as we worship Jesus and celebrate what HE is doing!

What's Next?

The ADVANCING ministry will be taking a "teaching break" and will move toward serving as we step out and invite the entire church to join us for a time of SHARING GOD by serving the community. Note the info from this week's bulletin, and please prayerfully plan to bring your whole family out as we serve and show God's love.


In November, ADVANCING will convene again as our church pursues the theme of "KNOCKING". We will have two events in November where we spend time praying and pursuing the opportunities God has prepared for us to practically show and share His love with others.

This year has been focused on the word "ASK" and we have been through teaching on PRAYER - Ask and it will be given to you... Seek (as we have sought Jesus and Wisdom in James) and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened.

KNOCK - I believe that God has many opportunities yet this year for all of us to experience being a "delivery person" of the blessings and message of Jesus to those we meet. November will be a month of KNOCKING for the door of OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity to share God with people we meet every day. We hope you'll join us again as we meet together to grow as genuine FOLLOWERS of Jesus.

Praising God for His Love and Ministry Among Us,

Pastor Kevin Strite