This Week's Sermon: Understanding our Time(s)

It seems that I do not know ANY person who does not feel "busy". Plans, plans, plans. James 4:13-18 cautions all of us to use the time God has given to us with humility. Perhaps we are too quick to add to our calendar. It is interesting that many christians will "pray about" whether they're going to help with the church ministries, but when it comes to making daily plans, prayer never occurs to us. Someone said, "Planning without Prayer is Presumption". I hope that you are able this week to review your own calendar. How much of it is presumption and how much has been prayerfully planned with help from the Holy Spirit?

Are there good things you know you should do, but haven't done?

Let's turn our hearts to the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and let's make the best use possible of the time(s) God has given to us.


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