Updates from the Elders

Facilities and Capitol Fund Team:

After working for over a year on building/land options, and after experiencing our ministry life together renting space for 8 years as a church, the elders and building team have discerned that it is time for us to explore plans to raise funds in order to build, or purchase our own building. We have named a task force led by Johnny Branner and including Steve Davis and Jim Eby. The task force will work on God’s strategies and steps for us to move toward having our own “home” for the New Life family. The team is tasked with continuing to search for building options while pursuing a plan to work at raising building funds. I will work with the task force and elders to keep you updated as plans and information develops. ~ Pastor Kevin

 Ministry Updates:

Last week we began a four week “ADVANCING” season where we are focusing on the book, “Not a Fan”. We were happy to have 60ish people join and we are looking forward to the potential for God to move us further and further from “fanhood” and toward being Biblical Followers of Jesus. Many thanks to Dusty and Marlene Howdyshell, Dean Showalter and Elyssa Ranck for their leadership! Please pray for our early adults and for all involved. It’s not too late to join us.

Next week, the women of New Life will begin a Beth Moore study on the book of James. Again, we are encouraged by the level of participation and we look forward to the fruit that will be experienced in each of these ladies as they dig into the WORD together. We are also blessed to see many of the ladies bringing their daughters with them for the study. Thanks to Rita Eby for giving leadership to this study. Let’s continue to pray for each person as they study and SEEK Jesus and His wisdom together.

The FORWARD team has been invited to participate in the annual NLMI (New Life Ministries International) leadership institute. We are excited this year to be able to spend a weekend with leaders from other churches and are especially grateful to have a breakfast planned with Dr. Jack Hayford during our weekend together. Please pray for the elders and leaders of New Life to be filled with