The book of James and REAL FAITH


Real Faith "Signs"This past Sunday we went back to the theme of understanding "Real Faith". It started two weeks ago when we discovered James' admonition that real faith will always be seen. Real faith is something you do!

On Sunday, we heard the testimony of Kathie who grew up in a Christian home, did all of the right things, said all of the correct words, but in her heart, knew that she did NOT have peace with God. She looked very much like a Christian, but was absolutely on the wrong road and headed in the wrong direction. Thank God for his mercy in calling her out of that place and into a life of knowing him and being genuinely transformed in her heart.

Sunday's sermon focused on Five Road-Signs all of us can use to help us know that we're actually living REAL faith. It's not really that hard to KNOW that your faith is real. God's word has given us clear definition of how to know if someone is truly saved. None of us wants to be the one who goes through life "believing" that we're saved and then hearing Jesus say, "Depart from me, I never knew you."

Five "signs" that can help us check our progress and path:

  1. What direction are you moving? Toward God, or away? Toward holiness or away?
  2. What do you practice? Righteousness or sin?
  3. What is your passion? What do you care most about? God, or the world?
  4. Who do you fellowship with? Jesus and his church, or others?
  5. What is the fruit of your life?

While I'm sure there are many other signs. My hope is that somehow we are all stirred to check our progress and stay on the road to eternal life with Jesus! He has saved us, and he has called us, and he invites us to live out the rest of our lives with and for HIM.

Practical Christianity

James will continue to give us very practical teaching and foundations on how to live this Christian life. This week we're turning to our tongues! That's right ... James has more to say about our words/tongue than anyone. What we say matters. More than that, it reveals what is actually still in our hearts.

It's gonna be a great Sunday together!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Kevin