Is your FAITH real?

coverMakin' it REAL:

On Sunday, we looked at the second half of James chapter 2. In it we discovered James' passion to help Christians understand the difference between dead/hollow/meaningless "faith" and genuine faith.

The bottom line is this. Faith is more than saying, believing, feeling, or thinking ... FAITH is what you DO!

When someone's heart has been transformed and they are genuinely trusting in JESUS for their very life, when a Christian has chosen to trust Jesus and allow HIM to take lordship in our lives, there is no other possibility than to begin DOING the things our LORD and Savior has told us, and is telling us to DO.

To SEEK this WEEK:

At the end of our service, I suggested that we SEEK out this week two things.

1. Is my faith REAL?

2. Are my works REAL?

It is possible to be in the church, to be doing lots of things we consider "works" and STILL not have a transformed heart and life. None of us wants to end up at the judgement hearing Jesus say, "I never knew you".

As I have pondered some of the responses I have heard since Sunday it is becoming clear that we should stay on this topic of "REAL FAITH" for at least one more week.

Two Extremes:

Satan, the enemy of our souls, has worked his schemes to make sure that "Christians" can too easily fall into one of the following "camps".

  1. Those who believe they are saved, but have not truly been transformed and are living a "dead and hollow" faith. (spoken of in James)
  2. Those who are truly saved, but have been hounded by the enemy into constantly questioning and fearing whether they are saved or not.

This coming Sunday, I want to return to the subject of real faith and help all of us SEEK JESUS and come to a deep knowing that we are indeed people of genuine faith. People who have found Jesus and experienced HIS transforming salvation in our hearts. I hope you will be in prayer through the week and continue to SEEK Jesus as we SEEK his wisdom to live as He has called us to.

Be Very Blessed,

Pastor Kevin Strite