ADVANCING - Ice Cream "cookoff"?

We're ADVANCING this Sunday evening ... feel free to join us.


ICE CREAM! This Week...

This Sunday evening, we will meet for an "ICE Cream Cookoff" ... (Not really a cook off ... but it sounded fun!)

Please bring a topping for some ICE-cream goodness. You bring a topping, we'll bring the ICE-cream.


  • Get together and break the ICE!
  • Cook up some ICE cream sundaes
  • Set the plans for Fall 2013 in ICE
  • Enjoy some nICE time of connecting



  • Sunday, August 18
  • 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


  • Any adults
  • "Early Adults" 13 and up

See you there!

ADVANCING... is our continuing effort to help families with early adults to move together toward connection with and ministry in the local church.  Anyone 13 and older is invited/encouraged to participate.  We need each other to complete the task of discipling the children God has given to us as a gift.