So, What ARE we doing? (Response to Sunday's Sermon)

Talking Through the MISSION

Living out our MISSION

On Sunday we talked together about our MISSION and the things we are called to do as individuals, families, and as a church. We made great lists of things we "could do" as we sat and talked together. The question today, during the week, in the real, daily grind of life is; "What am I actually DOING for God and for HIS church"?

I know that some of our church are participating in the Renew Camp going on this week. They (at least this week) would have very practical examples of ways that they are Worshipping, Serving, Sharing and even Growing in God! For the rest of us, we are in the summer season of odd schedules and vacations. Perhaps it's a bit harder to put our finger on specific things we are doing today, or will do tomorrow that can be construed as Worshipping, Serving, Sharing or Growing in God.

Below is a minimal review and some ideas for each area of the MISSION.

Vision - Mission - Values - Our MissionWorship God

... is our act(s) of giving GOD what he is worth.

Consider taking 15 minutes of any day to just sit and meditate quietly on God's WORD allowing a spirit of thankfulness to well up towards him.

Serve God

... is our active participation with God in serving HIS church.

Consider reaching out to a family member with an act of service, or call a family from the church and find a way to serve them through prayer, sharing a meal, or any practical need you may discover.

Share God

... is our engagement with God's heart for those who do not yet know him.

Ask the Lord to reveal someone who is on HIS heart and then join Him in praying for their salvation.

Grow in God

... is us growing up into the true self HE has made us to be through Salvation in Jesus.

Read your bible alone. Read your bible as a family. Stretch out and do something beyond the normal and watch God grow your faith and His presence in you as you move beyond what you can do yourself.

Everyone Engaged!

All of us are a called and integral part of what God is doing and wants to do through New Life of the Shenandoah Valley and through His church universal. Let's continue asking God;

  • How can I Worship You more?
  • How can I Serve Your church better?
  • How can I Share Your great name and Your love with others?
  • How can I grow to become who you made me to be through Jesus?

Be Very Blessed!

Pastor Kevin