So, who DO you think you are?

Let's Live out Who We Really Are!

This past Sunday we focused on the reality of who we are based on what Jesus has accomplished in the New Covenant! Too many Christians continue to live out who we once were, or who we have been told we are instead of who Jesus has made us to be through his grace! During the sermon I mentioned a couple of lists (links provided below) of "Who I am in Christ" that have been compiled through other ministries. Each of these lists are a compilation of scriptures that define and declare who we are IN CHRIST.

My prayer is that we, all of us, would allow the Holy Spirit to stir us up every day toward the truth and reality of who we REALLY ARE in Jesus! God has so much to accomplish in our lives and through us, and I believe that we are going to continue to experience more and greater revelation of His life and power as we embrace who we are, and live in faith and His power!

May the word of God be the definition of who we are, and may the Spirit of God confirm in our hearts and in our minds what God has said, so that the world will see HIM in us and so that we will bear much fruit on God's behalf!

Be Blessed in JESUS!

Pastor Kevin


Below are the three lists I referenced on Sunday.