Stop, Drop and Pray @ 12:05 Each Day


When Do We Pray?

As we saw on Sunday, the praying church (In the book of Acts) didn't just begin to pray when the crisis arose! (Acts 12) Prayer was how the church was birthed, and prayer was the daily reality for the church as it grew and changed the world.

From the book of Acts, we see that THE PRAYING CHURCH experienced:

    • Discernment (Acts 1:24)
    • Power/Spiritual Gifts (Acts 2)
    • Boldness (Acts 2:14)
    • Witness (Acts 2:5-36)
    • Growth (Acts 2:41)
    • Healing (Acts 3 & Acts 9:40)
    • Encouragement (Acts 4:31)
    • Leadership/Ministry (Acts 6:4-6, 13:1-3, 14:23)
    • Baptism of the Holy Spirit for others (Acts 8:15)
    • New Opportunities - Open Doors (Acts 10 - Peter and Cornelious)
    • “Prison Break” (Acts 12)
    • Fellowship/Community (Acts 20:36)

Acts 12:5 says that the church prayed "earnestly" for Peter while he was in prison.

Our Challenge:

Take a moment EVERY day at 12:05 to stop, drop and pray. Together, we believe God is doing the work of teaching us all how to pray. As we pray, we expect all of the above (Perhaps we won't need the prison break) in answer to earnest and daily prayer.