Steele and Alice Update

SteeleandAlice Hello Everyone,

Alice and I have safely arrived in Ukraine, and have spent this week in Kolentsi, where we worked for 6 months last year. We have had the opportunity to reconnect with the people we worked with, and to see two of the kids we lived with in the Jeremiah's Hope Rescue Shelter. Nazar and Maxim are currently the only two in the shelter, and they have both shown significant improvement since we saw them last in January.
We have had a huge recent success; we were able to pay the entire year's premium on health insurance! Thank you all for your help in getting to that goal.
Unfortunately, it was not until after we met that goal that we came across an unforseen expense. The IRS classifies us as self-employed, the same as if we were contractors that did construction work or something like that. In the end, this means we have to pay a fairly large amount into Social Security. We are working on getting the cost down by writing off business expenses, but at the moment we are looking at over $1000 in taxes due by the 15th. Today, our bank account has less than $800 in it. There is not much time for us to take care of this, so if you would like to contribute something to help us meet this need, please email me so I can explain the quickest way for the money to get to us.
We will have some more detailed updates coming up concerning ministry, so be on the lookout for those. Continue to tell people, share a link to it on facebook, etc. Also, we have flyers in the States with a qr code leading to our website; if you have a public place where you could place one, please let us know.
Thank you all so much for your support!
Steele and Alice