Becoming "Prayer People" - April Update

40 Days - Just the Beginning!

Why-Pray-2013While we have completed our 40 days of prayer, we are certainly not done praying! "Draw the Circle" and our 40 Days of prayer has been a great way to build habits of praying together as families and as a church and as individuals.

We have seen answers to prayer and we have seen many prayers not answered yet. But we have prayed.

Prayer is not about getting answers, prayer is ultimately about "getting God". Getting more of God in our hearts. Getting more of God in our minds. Getting more of God in our daily life! That is why we pray.

This week our family began a new prayer devotional to keep the daily prayer going. It is a book written by John Devries (Friend of the Zodhiates family) and it is called "Why Pray?" (40 Days - from words to relationship).

For more information on the book, click here.

I know we could just go on praying together without a resources such as "Draw the Circle" or "Why Pray", but these resources seem to help us stay focused on why we're doing what we're doing and serve as an inspiration to keep moving toward our goal of becoming "Prayer People".  I encourage you to consider adding this book to your resources for growing as prayer people this year.

"The Bible" and Our Calling

This past Sunday our family watched the last of the Bible Series that aired on the History channel. I was sort of surprised at how moved I was, especially as I watched the stories of Peter, John, Thomas and Paul in their work of building a brand new church! As the program ended, Lynda and I felt led to pray and we prayed over each of our children asking God to prepare them for their own future, and to empower them to live their lives fully for the call of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we can be so caught up in the world's systems and schedule that we miss the great commission and the clear calling of Jesus. Perhaps this is why our children don't always see the real priority of Jesus and end up turning away from him for a season. Regardless, as I was moved by the Bible tv series, and as I prayed for my own children, I wanted to encourage every parent to evaluate your own schedule. Do you and the family have time to make Jesus central in your home? Are you modeling a life of relationship with Him? Would your children say that He (Jesus) is the most important person in your life?

I ask myself these questions often, and unfortunately too many times I don't like the answer. The fact is, however, that we can always start with TODAY!

Let's take today, and begin again, leading our kids to the greatest place of meaning ... the place of eternal relationship with Jesus and in joining HIM in HIS plans for us and for eternity.

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