Good Thoughts on our 40 Day Prayer Experiment

How is your 40 day prayer experiment going? Are you praying "big" prayers? What about your kids? Take a look at this post and be encouraged. Re-posted from

Lydia and Seth are on a mission.  They're determined that we're going to build a treehouse this year.
Apparently, Lydia wants hers to be 3 stories high.
Please take note of the attention to detail she craves for her mansion treehouse. She's dreaming of a tv nook, a room just for the Christmas tree, two swings, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a nicer mailbox than we have in front of our real life house.
Part of loving the little people in my life on purpose is letting them dream and hope.
It's so dang hard for me.  I swear I get on my own last nerve with this struggle. I don't know if I was born this way or life has made me this way, {and honestly I haven't had enough coffee to give two cares}, but I'm a realist.

I saw this treehouse and my first thought was, "Dude.  Girl can draw.  Look at those faucets." My second thought that flew in on two wheels right behind the first thought was, "Ummm. Never gonna happen."

How does God teach the importance of realizing dreams in my heart through a treehouse drawing? He pressed in on that spot in me that fears a good dream.

We don't hope and dream because we fear the let down if it doesn't work out. We've been disappointed one too many times to let ourselves dream of something that seems bigger than us. If it's not something we know we can make happen, we struggle to let ourselves ponder the possibilities.

I'm guessing the tree house we build our kids won't be a mansion with a full working kitchen and bathroom, but surely we can let them draw pictures without pulling their dreamy little creative rugs out from under them.

These kids of mine are teaching me how to dream among so many other things. I swear they're growing me up! I want to give them space to dream and hope for things bigger than them... and I'm ready to learn how to let myself do it a little, too.

Do you have dreams in your heart that you're afraid to speak out loud?