40 Days of Prayer

Day 1, Here we go!Becoming a Circle Maker

Today we begin our experiment. Every family praying every day for 40 days. As I read over the prayer cards from Sunday, it was with a sense of growing faith. It seems clear that God is stirring an attitude of prayer in us! Within a few days, we will be compiling the list and getting it to each of you so that you can join with others as they pray circles around their own requests.

Draw the CircleFrom "Draw the Circle"

"If you pray to God regularly, irregular things will happen on a regular basis."

Praying Together

Consider joining with one or two families for a weekly check in. Share your families prayers and join together in praying for more than just your own requests.

Prayers = Answers?

One thing to keep in mind as we circle our prayer needs. God will ALWAYS answer our prayers. God will ALWAYS hear our prayers. But, God will not always hear our prayers and answer the way we expect Him to. As we pray through these 40 days, lets keep our hearts open to whatever God decides to do as we simply come in faith and ask.