Telling Your Part of His-Story for His Glory!


A few Sundays ago, many of you indicated that you have personally experienced miracles through prayer.

Last week I mentioned that we are going to begin collecting those stories to write them down. One of the keys to a generational vision of faith in God is the principle of REMEMBERING! God's call to His people over and over is, REMEMBER! Remember what I've done. Remember how I saved you. Remember how I created. REMEMBER.


Your Story!

What is the story we all need to remember in your life? How did God move and show Himself glorious and powerful?

This Sunday morning, I invite you to come prepared to share what God is doing now. What is God doing in your life, in your family, in your faith? What is God doing in your marriage? How are you seeing God move and what would you like to give HIM glory for?

In the mean time, we'd like to hear from you concerning those miracle prayers you have experienced. You can begin now by clicking below and sharing a brief summary. What an exciting project, to remember how God has moved. What better way to pass on our story to the next generation, than to write it down and preserve the God-stories for generations to come.

Why not click right now, and jot down some notes so that we can get this "Book of Miracles" started?